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Impression Photorag

Papier Ultrasmooth

Encadrement gris clair mat

Verre antireflet.


Edition limitée à 5 ex., 

numérotée et signée


Dimension : 110 x 140 cm

Prix : 4 500 euros



                                                                                                               RUBEN BRULAT

Né 1988, à Laudun, France.

Photographe nomade


Solo Exhibitions

"Paths", at TNT / Galerie Pinxit, Toulouse, April - May 2014

"Sharing Paths", at the Espacio Valverde Gallery, Madrid, December 2013

"Sharing Paths", at the Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin, September 2013

"Immaculate and Primates", at Confluence Gallery, Nantes, March - April 2011

"Immaculate and Primates", at Schierke Space, Munich, October - December 2010

"Immaculate and Primates", at G3 Gallery, Hamburg, May - September 2010

"At the edge of Brink", Immaculate and Primates, at Galerie Chambre avec vues, Paris, May - July 2010


Group Exhibitions

"Paths", at Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, the other, Turin, November 2014

"Paths", at Galerie Le LAB, Paris, September - November 2014

"Paths", at Dakar Biennale, May - June 2014"Paths", at Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Tel-Aviv, January - February 2014

"Immaculate and Primates", at Promenades de Vendome, Vendome, June - August 2011

"Primates", Souvenir From earth TV (slideshow) showing in Palais de Tokyo, 2010.

"Primates", at Librairie de la Galerie, Paris, Mai 2010

"Primates", at The LAB, Los Angeles, March - April 2010

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