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Tirage argentique


Papier Ilford

Galerie Prestige,

smooth pearl


Édition limitée à 25 ex.,

tous formats confondus,

numérotée et signée


Dimension : 50 x 33 cm

Prix : 750 euros





Live and work as photographer in Oslo, Norway.Holding a Master degree in Science, I worked both in Norway and the UK before my growing interest in photography led me to studies at Bilder Nordic School of Photography in 2009; mentored by great photographers like Hans-Olav Forsang and Damian Heinisch and attending workshops with Marcus Bleasdale, Anders Petersen, Arno Minkkinen, Valerie Phillips, Ron Haviv among others. This has given a new perspective and understanding of photography, and has given inspiration and persistence in the process of making the Echoes project.

The Echoes project was made through 2012, and has been published in several magazines and awarded first prize in category “Personal Work”, Gullsnitt. There are upcoming exhibitions both in Norway and internationally. 

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